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What is Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

we can think cloud computing as we have combined the many computers together and there is software to manage and provide the computing resource to different used on need basis. Like if some one just want computer to do data storing then he will need high storage, if someone using program which uses high processing then we can allocate high CPU but less storage.

All this allocation will be dynamic. so the usage of resource will be optimized and used in best possible way.

There are different ways to provide the “service” by cloud-computing providers. following are the service models:

Software as a Service (SaaS): small organization need some service like email or CRM system but they do not want to invest huge amount in whole infrastructure so cloud service provider can sell the only email/CRM service to client and small organization will pay for the usage based on the agreement like daily plan monthly plan or based on server space.

Platform As A Service (Paas): Take example of small company works on some software development and they want infrastructure so they can use the Cloud platform as a service and cloud provider will provide the development related platform over cloud. Like cloud service provider will provide the required lib, tool,  service (web server , development tool SDK etc)

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): Some organization want to use some server with high end configuration but just for short term like 6 months. Cloud team can provide the required infra for short duration. they will provide the storage, RAM, CPU and create virtual machine they will provide the network infra for usage and charge the vendor for the usage so small organization should not pay the huge amount for usage of server for short term.