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setup virtual instance of Linux


Many of our users want to try the Linux and practice but they are more familiar with windows or mac OS. Here is guide to download and run the Fedora Linux.
How to run fedora on windows laptop using virtualization
there is very good site which provides the installed OS image to use.


Once VDI is downloaded we need hyper-wiser to run. There is opensource hyperwiser available from Oracle


you can download and install the Virtaulbox based on your existing operating system. If you want to install on windows then download Windows host.

Start the virtual box
Click on New

  • Give the name of virtual Image –> <Linux>
  • Type –> Linux
  • Version –> Fedora

Click on Next

  •  Give the input how much RAM you want to give from your PC to this instance minimum 1 GB

Click on Next

  • Select use existing Virtual Harddisk
  • click on folder to browse the VDI image location where you have saved the downloaded image of Fedora
  • Click on open and
  • Click on create

now you are ready to start the instance

  • Click on start button

your virtual instance of fedora will start for your practice