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Getting help in Linux


For getting help in Linux you can user man command

Man: if short form of manuals, if you want help of any command run the command

man <command>

eg: man ls

it will open manual page and it will explain detailed and all available options for command.

Manual (man) pages are divided in 8 sections:

1 User Command

2 System Call

3 Library Call

4 Special File

5 File Format

6 Games

7 Miscellaneous

8 Administrator command

if you want to search about command or command config file man pages will be different as follows

for searching command

man 1 passwd

for check the config file

man 5 passwd

Apart from man there is another options to get quick help is another option is using –help

command –help

eg: ls –help

it will give short help of command

most helpful option for getting help is with option -k. where you can provide the keyword and it will look into all man pages and if keyword is found it will show details.

man -k mem

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