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Media Server Kodi on Raspberry Pi

In the following section we will install the Media Server on Raspberry Pi and configure. We will use Phone as remote for Kodi Media server.

For installing Kodi we need to use command

apt-get install kodi

This will install Koid for running kodi on Pi you need to use command kodi. Once you will give command it will start Kodi on your screen where you can use mouse and keyboard to configure.

Start Kodi using command


Configure Kodi server:

As shown in screen shot

  • select configuration –>
  • select Service setting –>
  • Select Control and enable and configure following options
  • “Allow Remote control via HTTP”
  • port 8080
  • username
  • password
  • “Allow remote control from application on this system”
  • “Allow remote control from application on other System”

After following above steps your Kodi Media server is ready ( you can play video from storage device attached to Pi )

Configure Kodi client ( Mobile phone as a remote)

In following section we will configure Android mobile as client for Kodi

There is app available in appstore name Kore download the app and start the app

After starting you will see following screen It will say no Media center configured


Click Next to add media Center which we started on Pi, It will try to find the server by discovering. If its not able to find then it will show No Media Center Found

Click next to configured manually. Add the details as we mentioned in Kodi Server

Media Center Name : kodi

Addredd: <IP address of PI >

Port: 8080

Username: <as configured in pi>

Password: <as configured in pi>

Once its done click on test it will connect to Kodi.

Open Youtube to and select video which you want to broadcast on Pi

Click Share and in share you will see icon of Kore ( Play in Kodi) Select and enjoy video on your Pi Screen 🙂 🙂